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Designed For Agents to be fast, reliable, and easy tablet/desktop access to over 9000 qualified agencies in 170+ metro markets during telephone or in-person client interaction.

S4desktop gives customer service reps, financial counselors, servicing agents, and any helping professional the ability to fully engage and respond to their client. The Referral Summary makes it easy to provide your clients everything they need to address urgent needs, improve cash flow, and create financial stability. Take a quick video tour to see how the interface works.

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Call center staff, customer service agents, and others can search for and offer local resources to any customer in real-time — in person or on the telephone. They can also create customized local assistance summaries to share with customers via email or SMS text message.
Customized user IDs track internal usage by individual, team, or vendor. Obtain data usage frequency patterns and learn which service categories are accessed most often. This new information helps you to better target your outreach, public relations, and marketing strategies.
Our interface is elegant and user friendly for immediate use. With our webinar training, your staff will be expertly and efficiently prepared to use S4desktop to its fullest potential.
We provide cross media consistency, so a borrower receives the same resource referrals from S4direct and S4desktop. So, regardless of the source, consumers and those assisting them have reliable, split second access to best-in-class resources.


What is the geographic coverage of S4desktop? — We offer over 9000 services in 170 major metro markets across the US. Additionally, we supplement all categories with both state and nationwide resources so no consumer, regardless of location, is left without a recommended resource.

How do I share the referrals with the client? — Referrals can be quickly and easily shared via email or text function. By using SpringFour's referral summary tool, results are collected and shared with the client with just a few clicks insuring that they can access the information immediately or at a later date.

How can I track usage? — We know metrics are important. SpringFour's real time reporting portal allows you to access custom reports anytime, from anywhere. Determine frequency and usage patterns. Understand how your team is using S4desktop and use reports to inform marketing strategies.

I can't wait to use this. How quickly can I deploy S4desktop? — S4desktop can be set up quickly - typically in 30 days or less. Give us a call or email sales@springfour.cc and we can get you set up right away. We can train your staff in a 30-minute web based training.


We look forward to the opportunity to speak in greater detail with you about SpringFour products. To schedule an online tour of our products, please contact our sales team at info@springfour.cc

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